Denise Pagliaro

Denise Pagliaro


Snatch #100

Deadlift # 255

Clean # 125

Split Jerk # 130

Back Squat # 235

Strict Press # 95

Fran Time @ RX - 5:22

Murph Time @ RX - 63:37


CrossFit L 1 Coach

Elementary & Special Education Teacher

About Coach

Since I was very young I was involved in sports. I began swimming and dancing at age 3 and started playing softball at age 10. I continued swimming competitively and attended formal dance training throughout my school years and college. I’ve learned the disciplines of ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, bachata, and salsa. I also played softball through high school. After college, I was tired of swimming and wanted to challenge myself with something new. I considered training for an Iron Man but figured it was probably best to start with long-distance running. Which led me to marathoning. I ran 6 marathons over the course of six years, but during the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC, I tore my IT band and had to stop running. That injury is what led me to CrossFit.

Turning Point

After my IT band injury, I started working out at a CrossFit gym about 4-5 days a week. I immediately fell in love and dedicated myself to the sport. I was surrounded by such incredible athletes and aspired to be like them! I couldn’t believe how strong some of those people were and how they’d developed such expert gymnastics skills. As a new, predominantly scaled athlete, I doubted myself almost every day. But I learned early on in life through playing sports and dance that you only make improvements and develop expert-level skills with hard work, consistency, and disciple. So, I showed up every day and started putting in the work. I knew if I wanted my Double Unders or an efficient Snatch, I would need to consistently practice. I’m not sure who coined the phrase but, “Practice doesn’t make perfect! Perfect practice makes better!”

Motivation & Passion

After about 8 years of participating in CrossFit, I started recognizing the growth I had made and appreciating the positive impact CrossFit had in my life both physically and mentally. I wanted to share my passion for CrossFit with others and help people improve their health, fitness, and mental fortitude. So, in 2021, I decided to get my CF Level 1 and started to coach. Coaching has been an absolute privilege and it is literally the best part of my day! I love making connections with people and watching them develop in their skills and strength! In addition, coaching has helped me develop as an athlete and given me a deeper understanding of all of the movements in the sport.

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