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Physical Therapy in Fort Myers, FL

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Our recovery program is designed to help you recover faster, reduce muscle soreness, and prevent injury. Through stretching and mobility exercises, foam rolling and massage, and recovery workouts, our experienced trainers will help you feel your best and achieve your fitness goals.

Stretching and Mobility

Improve your flexibility and mobility with our stretching program. Our experienced trainers will guide you through a variety of stretches and mobility exercises that will help you reduce muscle soreness, increase your range of motion, and prevent injury. Our stretching and mobility program is a great way to recover faster and improve your overall fitness.

Foam Rolling and Massage

Reduce muscle soreness and tension with our foam rolling and massage program. Our experienced trainers will guide you through foam rolling techniques and massage modalities that will help you release tension and reduce soreness in your muscles. Our foam rolling and massage program is designed to help you recover faster and feel your best.

Recovery Workouts

Boost your recovery with our recovery workouts. Our experienced trainers will guide you through low-intensity workouts that are designed to promote circulation, reduce muscle soreness, and improve your overall recovery. Our recovery workouts are perfect for those who want to recover faster and prevent injury.

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Club Fitting

Thunder Performance: Certified PXG fitting facility -- a truly unique experience. Join us for in-house events or personal sessions.

Practice Memberships

Rain or shine, day or night, Thunder Performance in SWFL helps you perfect your game, ensuring you're in top shape for your next round of golf.

Golf Lessons

Discover world-class golf lessons at Thunder Performance, led by certified PGA Professionals. We tailor your game to ensure consistency and a swing that suits you. Unleash your true potential with us.

Fitness Programs

Thunder Performance: Your all-in-one golf training solution. Boost your swing and endurance with CrossFit group classes or personalize your training with our in-house DPT. Maximize your golfing potential.

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Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. Thunder Performance is located and easily accessible from all of Fort Myers.

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