Dillon Etherson

Dillon Etherson


Clean and Jerk 311

Snatch 251

Max unbroken handstand walk is 109 feet

Kayak 20.5 miles a year between to events

Qualified for Quarterfinals

Very proficient in gymnastics movements


CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Scaling Course

About Coach

Although sports were not a part of my upbringing (until I found golf - but that's for a different story), I have always been an active individual who loves working out. Bodybuilding was my initial interest, but my passion for CrossFit ignited when I discovered Rich Froning in a Men's Fitness ad at the age of 16. Fast forward 10 years, and I am now a level 1 coach, an avid Olympic lifter, and thoroughly enjoy participating in in-class workouts. My passion for coaching ignited when I discovered proper body movement to avoid injuries. I then wanted to learn, master, and teach it to others in my community.

Turning Point

My experience with CrossFit has been life-changing. I used to suffer from various injuries and constant pain, but now, thanks to mastering the techniques of body movement, I feel stronger and more capable than ever before. The learning curve was steep, but with guidance from experienced coaches and athletes, I've been able to become the best coach I can be

Motivation & Passion

It's important to acknowledge that not everyone advances at the same pace in CrossFit, and it's all too common to feel disheartened and give up. However, I take immense pride in empowering individuals to enhance their abilities and develop self-assurance, thereby enabling them to remain dedicated to their fitness objectives.

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