Jenny Parrish

Jenny Parrish

Chief Happiness Officer

Deadlift: 220

Backsquat: 190

PR-ed my mile during Murph 2023


CrossFit Level 1 Certifications

Burgener Level 1 Strength Coach

About Coach

Growing up, I played softball and cheered. I was never the best, and for a long time that discouraged me from working hard at something, because I thought I would never be as good as the people around me, so why put the work in, why try? Even though I loved playing sports and being on a team, I found comparison being the thief of joy and didn't continue participating in sports, even for fun, until I began CrossFit in 2019. When I stepped into that gym for the first time, I was a beginner again. And with more maturity under my belt than me as a kid on the softball field or the cheerleading mat, being a beginner was okay and it was exciting. I didn't have to be the best -- nor would I ever be -- but there's so much more to CrossFit than "being the best", personally. There's health, community, friendly competition, so many little victories, and a whole lot of fun.

Turning Point

My biggest limiting factor in life has always been the voice inside my head that has always told me I'm not good enough. It's the same one that tells me I'm too much, that person you just had a conversation with thinks you're weird, and more not-so-nice things. In 2021, I went through a year where these thoughts were louder than they had ever been before. It was a year where we were in limbo with gyms and Thunder Performance opening, and I had a lot of time to think -- and doubt --- myself and what I was capable of. Am I going to be a good coach? Are people going to want to be coached by me? Can I create a community where people feel welcomed and cared for like I imagined? Thankfully, I have the best husband in the world who never doubted me for a second, reassured me constantly, and Thunder Performance finally opened. When it did, I was able to just truly be me -- a person who welcomes others with open arms no matter what, always has a smile on their face, and isn't afraid of hard work whether it's in the gym or behind the scenes. Thunder Performance has shown me that I am enough and I couldn't be more grateful.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is simple: the people. As a kid, I needed a coach that instead of doubting me like I doubted myself, built me up, encouraged me to get up and try again when I failed, and pushed me to be better instead of pushing me to the side. My goal is to always push people to try their best -- not be the best. I aim to foster an environment at Thunder Performance where your hour here is always the best hour of your day. I'm motivated by seeing our members leave the gym smiling because we lifted 10 more pounds than last month, we PRed our deadlift by 100 pounds, or because we just showed up on a difficult day and did our best. No matter the victory, my purpose is to celebrate it.

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