Orlando Harvard

Orlando Harvard

Coach & Doctor

20 Ring Muscle-ups unbroken

Snatch 270lb

Handstand Walk a Ramp 5x unbroken

5k run <20min

455lb back squat

505lb deadlift


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist


About Coach

Growing up in poverty & surrounded by things you should never see as a kid, playing sports & being outside was the only escape I ever knew. Down the hill, my local Rec center kept me off the streets, let me play ball, box, clean the gym, ref & coach even at 11! Growing up that way helped me learn how important it was to be active, keep busy & push yourself to keep mentally and physically strong as life deals you your cards. Athletically I set a scoring record for my middle school in basketball. 2 times all section Football player in HS. Awarded Athlete of the Year in HS. Became a college cheerleader for fun. 3x qualifier for CrossFit regionals/semifinals (Team)

Turning Point

A huge turning point in my life is when I dropped out of high school. I already started working in downtown Pittsburgh to support myself when I was 12. Physically working hard was natural to me, but going into high school I started to realize I wasn’t very “smart”. So school got really difficult. I never really had someone to push me (especially academically), because I was so used to doing it myself. So I thought all I wanted was to play sports, do the bare minimum in school & work whenever I could. A day came when I decided I didn’t want to be the “dummy” that could shoot a ball or run really fast. That day I decided to return to school on my own at 15. From I got straight A’s. When it came time to go to college I started receiving offers to play Football. I denied them out of fear that I would go back to the young man who cared more about what a ball could do for him than his mind. From there I became my college student of the year. The guy who thought he was too dumb for high school.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to support you. It’s to challenge you to be your best physically & mentally. Life is HARD! The gym & training is the ultimate environment for you to put yourself to the test. Fail, succeed, find different strategies, and figure out ways to work smart & hard to improve yourself with a group of TRULY supportive people who only want the best for you. We’re your family when work, sports, family, and life gets tough! And we’re here for you no matter what. When no one else shows up for you… we’re here

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