Thor Parrish

Thor Parrish

Owner/ Founder

375 pound clean 🏋️

♂️375 yard Drive ⛳️


Crossfit L2

TPI Level 3

Masters Degree in exercise science specializing in Golf Performance

PGA certified professional specializing in teaching coaching

About Coach

Thunder Performance is my passion project where I continuously push the boundaries of my fitness and Golf Performance. My mission is to walk 18 holes in 100 years old and Thunder Performance is going to give me there!

Turning Point

Fitness is invaluable, and unfortunately a limiting factor for many people’s enjoyment of life. Crossfit introduced me to a lifestyle and fitness methodology so I know I never have to worry about my inability to express myself physically and the demands I put on my body. Longevity if fitness is difficult so community is important and the community Crossfit creates keeps me accountable for my long-term goals.

Motivation & Passion

I am driven every day to provide a premier product and experience for every Thunder Performance member.

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